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Overseas Shipping, Delivery & Installation

If one of your clients is moving overseas temporarily or permanently, Buck’s Transport Systems can help. We are experienced shipping worldwide! There’s no need for your clients to stress over any part of the move—BTS does it all! We make all of the calls, get all of the quotes, carry out all company background checks, organize the moving staff to receive your delivery overseas.

For those looking to set up an overseas vacation home, this is also an excellent opportunity for service. Buck's Transport Systems provides the same quality services and accommodations across the globe, all at your disposal. In fact, members of BTS’s staff are willing to travel around the globe with your items to ensure a smooth relocation, Japan, Canada, the UK... anywhere!

For Designers: Ordering With Peace-of-Mind

Buck’s Transport Systems opens and inspects everything that is received on your behalf. What that means is that while other companies don’t know what they’ve received for you, we always inspects the shipment to make sure that it is the correct item and in perfect condition. We will color-match all items to ensure that they are exactly what the design team is looking for. On the off chance that the item is damaged, we will repair the item for you so you don’t lose any time in the process of delivery to your client.

All items are stored in Buck’s Transport Systems climate controlled warehouse to maintain an optimum storage environment and pristine appearance for presentations to your clients. Should your customers find themselves so “dazzled” by the look of the item that they don’t notice an issue or concern after the fact, don’t worry, BTS offers a 30-day Guarantee. We will come to you and repair the problem, or send it back to the manufacturer under their warranty.

Furniture Medic

Do the other companies handling your expensive items have a “Furniture Medic”? Probably not. Buck’s Transport Systems resident “Furniture Medic” has 30 years on-the-job experience and has successfully repaired hundreds of items. The “Medic” is definitely someone you want on your side to protect and restore any damaged furniture you may have in your possession. He’s experienced with wood, metal, fabric, plastics and anything else you can construct a piece of furniture out of! In addition to the “Furniture Medic,” BTS employs the use of steamers to fix any wrinkled or upholstered items like pillows or sofa skirts, and the staff has even been known to pick up a needle and thread from time to time. Know that your orders are in good hands with BTS!

Shipping Family Heirlooms

For clients that are looking to remove items, but aren’t interested in selling or donating them because of personal value or sentiment, it’s a good idea to present them with the option of hand-me downs with assistance from the partnership of your company and Buck’s Transport Systems. We has the care and know-how to inexpensively and efficiently deliver your prized grandfather clock to family members. We have the care and common sense derived from a quarter-century of these types of deliveries to handle all priceless family heirlooms and antiques.

eBay Transactions

When redesigning a home, designers will often recommend removing unwanted or unneeded clutter. In many cases, especially for wealthier clients, “clutter” can be valuable items. In fact, wealth or not, the old saying comes to mind,
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

An added value to clients and your company can be reselling items on eBay, Craigslist, or other resale sites. By providing an added service, you can perform a much-needed chore for the client, while at the same time providing another means of add-on sale for your company.

Buck’s Transport Systems can assist you in removal and repair of any of these items, and when it comes time to ship the furniture sold via eBay – be sure to have us pack it and ship it for you. It is just one more way that we can help you make the most of your business.

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