BTS Makes Home Consolidation Easy

Buck's Transport Systems knows that coordinating any large project can be an incredible pain-in-the-armoire! From furniture orders arriving too early, too late, or not at all, to lagging construction to their favorite, “unforeseen circumstances,” it’s not easy putting together the perfect home. That’s why we handles more than just deliveries. We will work directly with you and your company and make coordinating any design project consolidation simple.

Buck’s Transport Systems will pick-up, deliver, and store any furniture that you plan on relocating for your project. Also, We will transport any new items ordered for your project. Tired of items showing up too soon? We will store them for you until you’re ready for them. If any items show up damaged, we will fix them on the spot for you. Even if you’re not looking to have items shipped in, We will store all of your existing furniture during construction.

Buck’s Transport Systems is experienced working with decorators and designers, so they understand your needs. Having trouble locating a particular item? We offers a variety of preferred vendors, so if you need assistance finding a certain piece, they can put you in touch with help! When you order a particular colored item or are looking for a certain theme, we make sure to color match and check pattern alignment on every item as it comes in. That way there are no surprises the day of unveiling.

Crisis Averted.

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