Interior Designers: We know how hard your business is. We try to take some of those hardships away from you so you can go back to what you love to do... Designing! We have 30+ years of learning every single detail that makes interior designers jobs easier and what makes their jobs harder.  Our goal is to make your lives easier and to make your businesses look better in the eyes of your clients.

Buck's Receiving and Delivery Process for Interior Designers

1) Order is received here at Buck's warehouse.

2) Your order is opened and inspected right away by trained personnel for damage, manufacturing defects, order shortages, etc..  (orders are not stored in cartons after inspection making the claim process that much harder if problems are not caught right away)

3) You are notified with an automated receiving notification email right away so you know exactly when we received your order.

4) You can login to your Buck's account and manage inventory online.  You can add side-marks, request delivery, add delivery address, etc. Photos can be provided upon request.

5) Your order can be scheduled for delivery right away, or you can store your item here and consolidate for more items.  You can store your items here for as long as necessary.

6) Requesting delivery is simple.  Either call in to schedule via phone or email to schedule via email.  You can also request a delivery online and you can list specific delivery address and instructions (online shopping style- pick and choose what items you want delivered to a specific address)

7) Deliveries are made by extremely experienced and trained personnel.  Every delivery is completely white glove and each delivery man is trained to go above and beyond for each designer to make it look like that is the only delivery we're doing that day!  This leaves that lasting impression of quality in the eyes of your customer which keeps them coming back for more!