Move Towards the Sale

For designers, often enough, closing the deal is harder than fitting a giant pink elephant in a room. Prospective customers are almost always willing to entertain the idea of revamping the look of their home, but when it comes down to it, how many are willing to go through with it, let alone sign the check? Furthermore, providing the look a client wants at a price they’re willing to pay can be even more daunting. Change is hard enough for most people without adding the economy and inconvenience often associated (unfairly) with redecorating or remodeling into the mix, so it’s important that you’re able to pitch the aesthetic, as well as practical benefits of your proposals to resistant and unsure clients.

Are You Getting the Most Money for Your Time and Work?

Many designers miss important opportunities to up-sell their clients. Some of the easiest things can add-on to your sales. Don’t let clients use an economic downturn as a shutdown to your sales pitch. Show your customers that they can redefine the look of their home, and the events they host with relatively ease. Buck’s Transport Systems can provide the services you need to revitalize both your client’s home as well as your business’ bottom line.

Holiday Reinvention a.k.a. Re-EVENT-ion

The holidays are always a prime time for prospective clients to reinvent
the look of their home. Hosting family and friends around this time is often a sure thing, and puts pressure on homeowners to deliver a picture-perfect scene for an enjoyable holiday. In addition, the holiday timeline makes for a phenomenal presentation. The unveiling of a “new home” to family and friends makes for excellent conversation and allows all to see the redesigned hearth.

The idea of the big event can mean pressure for the homeowners. Most of us can agree, nothing says pressure like a mother-in-law visiting for a holiday. The fear of a poor presentation can create great anxiety for hosts, which is the perfect opening for designers to assuage client fears with the appropriate game plan for home reinvention. Not to mention, the promise of an successful event is a designer’s best advertisement.

An “at home” wedding is also an excellent reason to reinvent a home. Like the holidays, designers can redecorate or simply rearrange furniture for maximum impact and function. Allow us to help your company move and store furniture to create space for hundreds of guests, entertainment, etc…. For outdoor events, we can assist you with all maintenance, outdoor furniture, and more.

Facelifts: A Minimal Approach

When the bare-bones of the home still isn’t conducive with what you want to do, We can help you move out and store all furniture, so that your design and construction team can get in and do everything that your project requires. In fact, if your client is looking to do a conservative remodel or just doesn’t have the money for the overhaul you present to them, take a minimal approach. Simply repainting the walls and refinishing the floors can provide a fresh look to any room. We can quickly and efficiently remove, store, and replace any furniture. Small changes can be an excellent compromise for those looking to down scale a project.

Moves The Right “Shui”

With these new economics of design in mind, sometimes a simple rearrangement can be a strong asset. Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy that furniture placement is related to positive energy flow, is still a very popular trend amongst many. This philosophy in practice can be a good attention grabber for some. We can be utilized for all moves of this nature and any storage or repairs necessary. We are also experienced in follow-ups, repairing furniture that other deliverers may have damaged, or that clients may have damaged after-the-fact.

An often-overlooked client base is the elderly. Often homebodies in later age, with greater savings than their younger counterparts, the elderly are an ideal client base for designers. Additionally, if the elderly are not looking for a total redesign, they might be pleased with a minor rearrangement.

Whatever your method of add-on sales or up-selling your clients, keep in mind that there’s always a sale waiting to be made. It’s all just a matter of providing a service your clients need at a price they can afford. With Buck’s Transport Systems, you can put together a strong team ready to push, pull… or lug whatever your clients need.